Thursday, June 03, 2010

About a certain dog named Kiki

It was Kiki's annual check-up.
As usual, she pants all the way to the vet (or anywhere really!)
I didn't follow, A brought her there.

So the report came after:
A bit chubby (this is due to her staying over at mom's the last few weeks when we were away)
Good that she is a chewer (She can chew on her chew-bone for hours, and very focus)
Her teeth is not bad, but need to have some brushing routine now (we did brush her teeth, sometimes. and she will chew the toothbrush too)

A Happy Dog

and Vet also mentioned that she can probably live up to 17 years of age. That is very good for a dog! :) Then I asked A, what Kiki will do, knowing that she may have approximately 9 years of life left. Our answers are the same - She will eat, sleep, poo, pee, go for walks, bark, howl, play ball, chew bone, ask for treats, cuddle up to sleep...

Life still goes on for her the same way I guess.
It looks easy to lead a happy life, I wish I can be just like her.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

the NEW year

2010 started quiet.
quiet in a way, happy.

i was glad to be out of teaching job. not sure how and why, though i do love the kids, love my friends at work, i realised i'm happier leaving.

then came the money problem. i can't be really shaking legs at home.

have a pretty good start. not big bucks, but not starving.
and somehow i have become more careful with my spending, which i didn't bother before.
i also have more time to think about reusing and recycling stuffs, which i'm gald i do more now.

gained from the first flea this year, and i may continue for a bit.
caught up with several friends whom i've not seen or spoken to for such long time.
i'm so so happy with that.

the art result didn't turn out as well as i've expected.
real upset with myself.
so sorry for the kids.
i have no explanation for that.
i have no ideas what to do about it.


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Saturday, October 24, 2009

i had a drama / dream

was searching for reference pictures to make the intro video to the Drama Night 2009 play, "Bukit Batok West Side Story" and came across a very blur video taken by some student's friend. It was the band playing at the Musical Night 2008, and they were playing ABBA's "I have a Dream".

really brought back memories on how S and I first received the task of running the Musical Night in 2008, that was sort of left started but in a mess. we sat in the meeting, listening to people argued, and the next thing we heard was us having to take over the project. we silently messaged to each other, something like this:

S: 'we can die now'
K: 'let's die together loh'

but we both think that we shall die doing a nice job.
and the next thing we know was how frantically we squeez the 3 PAP groups to come up with items - Band, Choir, Drama
then how we'd clumsily search for venue, like 6 mths before the performance
then how we cut budget here and there, improvise costume, props, schedule rehearsals, programme list, nag at kids, W carrying her baby and managing the 30 drama casts, blah blah blah. it was mad.

and then the day came.
200 over human beings at MI. no dressing rooms, no decent food, shortage of drinking water, no stage lighting, our ge-tai uncle sound system went to the wrong venue, anything that could go wrong, went wrong.

but we managed to start on time.

everyone enjoyed the show. the auditorium was packed.

one tired night. we collasped after, happy.

so we didn't die, and we survived beautifully.

and made me love my friends more. i volunteered to have them go through another year with me this year - the last year, the last project.

we had more than one dream,
but somehow, some were shattered along the way,
thus this is the last year.

we will survive again,
and then we leave.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

it's about time

of course there will be some losses.
but i cant stand it anymore.
it's about time.

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

non-friend's emotional whine

this is the worst to deal with right now,
especialy after an exhausting project just ended.

sometimes people just clique even without having to share common interests, or be working on or doing anything together. Sometimes friendship blossom when you work on something together.

In any case, non-friend and me are still non-friend. But non-friend seems to not "get it". To non-friend, i am a friend.

I have nothing against non-friend, but I just know that this is a person I would not be having anything else more to do with other than compulsory work obligation. I don't see anything wrong with that.

With non-friend's own assumption that I am a good friend, my words an actions thus have impact on non-friend's emotion --- Duh! And it was such a silly impact.

I'm honoured that non-friend took me so seriously. But I'm sorry, to me, non-friend is really nothing at all -- until now, perhaps, with all the stupid drama non-friend has stirred me into.

I hope this will die NOW. What bothersome, annoying, irritating nonsense of non-friend.

I would not advice non-friend to "grow up" (non-friend is older than me)

I think non-friend should just try to be wiser, so that non-friend would come to realise that this is not the first conflict non-friend has had with other people, and that no one is really friend with non-friend.

Everyone is just being nice to each other and smile.

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

DNA and the Dizzy Spells

(this blog entry is mainly for yiwen, who missed the concert!)

my long-awaited MAYDAY DNA Concert!
Woo hoo! Yippeee!
Was a bloddy satisfying 3 hours and 45 mins of jumping.
So glad they have been in Spore these past 2 - 3 years consecutively.
it's needed.

wow they really have good stamina - 2 hours into the concert, i took a breather, wanting to sit down for a sec, took a glance at my watch "What?! It's only been 2 hours, and I'm trying to take a break?!" that's only half-way into the concert.

they are fantastic, and have been.
many old tunes were played, along a cheesy side-line video,
but they are not actors, it's explosive enough for what they'd tried to do.
real explosive indeed - the opening starts with the video and ended with a loud explosion with lots of sparks, and a taxi crashed into the centre of the stage, with the group appearing.
of course, followed by cheers!

I didn't bother to take any pictures even though I had a clear view of the stage and at one point (many points of times in fact), individual members (namley Ashin, Monster, Stone) came very close to our asle. I wanted to enjoy the moment and listen to the music. The last time I bother to take pictures, I was very much distracted to zoom, and take note of the flash, that I missed quite a lot of the real stuffs, live.

you can get lots of photos and videos on the net, so why bother.

it was a nice night.
thanks dear A for the tickets, and sitting through every MAYDAY Concert with me :)


Dizzy spells not because of the concert.
it came long after that.
i suspected it was a cause by Princess' constant spraying of gold paint in the artroom.
total intoxification.
after which i double and triple the dosage with more fixative and clear paint spraying onto several artworks.
cough cough.
anyway, was dizzy for a 2 days that puts me to sleep well enough to over-ride the exhausation I had last week.

Coursework coming to an end.
Strategic Plan next
Drama Night
Bye Bye.

Yoo Hoo~ !

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

coming to closure

saw B last week, he looks happier, I'm glad.
but both he and W were down with funny tummy.
i had that just before, it was horrible.
hope they are both ok now.

the art room gets messier now. i really hate to work in a messy place.
i do feel that one can get really unhealthy in there. it's too dusty, dirty.
stuffs on the shelves are thrown about, together with rubbish.
papers on the ground with shoe prints. no one bothers to pick things up.
i wonder how these kids were brought up at home? don't suppose they left their house this dirty.

i hate to be here everyday, in this mess.

the progress is slow. it's going but it's slow.
2 more weeks and it'll be september, then it's time to wrap things up,
sprint for the drama night and that's it.

i am just going to leave it at that.
hahaha. looking forward... so happy.

reader k | 8/15/2009 12:14:00 AM | 1 comments
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